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Now Shutup About It mug

Now Shutup About It mug

Every office has that one person.


You know the one. Always making sure everyone knows how good of a job they did with the job but really all they did was their job. It’s like, yeah, great job on literally doing your job now shut up and do your job some more.

Anyway, it’s not “nice” to say that kind of thing to co-workers, apparently. Apparently, saying that kind of thing to coworkers at a totally reasonable volume that, okay, might be a little louder than normal speaking volume is “frowned upon” by HR.


Passive aggressive coffee mug to the rescue!

Next time someone starts peacocking the office, “Hang on, let me go get my coffee real fast.” And then you just stand there taking one of those long “constant sips” while staring at them over the brim of the cup, as they jaw on and on about who cares what…

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