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Cap Catching Bottle Opener

Cap Catching Bottle Opener

Stop popping bottles and just letting the caps fall all over the place!

That shit is sloppy.

You’re better than that, kids.

Your house is your temple. Keep it clean.

This bottle opener – spoiler alert – removes the caps from bottled beverages. It’s a bottle opener, so, like, what do you expect.


The twist here is that this bottle opener grabs that bottle cap, rips it off the mouth that bottle and, rather than send it spinning to the floor, this gadget retains the cap in a little storage reservoir in the base of the bottle opener.

Yeah, it’s pretty great.

You should get one.

It’s amazing for anyone with an Etsy store who makes jewelry or whatever out of bottle caps but it’s also just pretty handy for anyone who wants to keep their floor clean!

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