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GIVEAWAY: Avengers Pillow Covers

Avengers Pillow Covers

Protect the sofa in your home from being dreadfully boring with some lovely throw pillow covers paying tribute to individual character from the massively successful Avengers movie franchise!

The pillows shown here are only three of the eleven designs available, first of all. So feel free to check out the link and go look for your favorite (movie) Avenger before commenting about how disappointed you are that there isn’t a ____ pillow because that’s your favorite one.

Whoever designed these pillows did an amazing job. Each design features a half profile of one character on the right side of the pillow, their “hero” name (and the name of the actor who plays them in the franchise) to the right, and a unique bit of “action” imagery along the bottom of the pillow.

These are not gaudy and cartoonish comic book memorabilia but rather a mature take on the comic book characters by someone with an eye for good design – very nice!


You don’t need a superpower for a chance to win one of these pillow covers, just hit up the widget beneath this sentence!

Avengers Pillow Covers

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