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Taco Money Bag

Taco Money Bag

Let’s be honest.

How much money do you spend on tacos?

You probably don’t even know.

See, that’s a problem. Budgeting your income is just basic adult stuff. You may even have a food budget, which is good. But things like budgets and plans and diets – those tend to go right out the window as soon as one little thing comes up: tacos.

Because tacos are more important than those other things. That’s just a fact. You can’t control it and you can’t defeat. All you can do is try to plan for it.

Get this bag labelled Taco Money. Stuff it with any extra cash that comes your way. Tips, winnings from gambling, cash you find on the sidewalk – all of that goes in this bag. That way you’ll have a little more breathing room in the budget when taco time rolls around.

Or, you know, you can just use this instead of a regular blue bank bag if you’ve got a job that uses one of those.

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