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Penis Worship Lighter

Penis Worship Lighter

In the long tradition of greasy gold chains worn on exposed hairy chests and TIME TO FUCK wristwatches, we proudly direct your attention to this lighter in the form of a gargantuan golden cock being embraced (worshipped?) by a naked lady.

What’s not to love?

Whether you’re a pervy uncle from the 19070s or a member of some masculine fertility cult, this is pretty clearly the penis lighter for anyone in the market for a penis lighter. The nude woman element really brings the whole thing together and complements the veined boner with some much needed feminine energy.

As an added bonus, owning and using this lighter really should put an end to those scenarios where someone steals your basic lighter at a party and then pretends they already had the same basic lighter and you must have lost yours somewhere.

What are the odds of someone else at a party having this lighter?

Much higher, now that we’ve posted it here…

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