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Great Nudes Coffee Mug

Great Nudes Coffee Mug

Dicks and titties make the world go ’round.

Just go to any museum and count the dicks and titties in there – we’ll wait.

Yeah, yeah – that’s “art” and we’re being “crass” about it.


Old dicks and titties are still dicks and titties but fine, it’s art.

Art aficionados will be glad to know about this art coffee mug. Some of the most famous art dicks and art titties in art history are on this art mug. As opposed to most dicks and titties that would probably get you in trouble at work, these are art dicks and art titties, so they should be allowed in most offices, in our opinion. But if you work with a bunch of squares then it’s okay because all these nude people on the mug wear clothes until hot liquid is poured in the cup!

Keep it cool by keeping it cool or heat things up with a warm drink!

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