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Spin-A-Fuck Pin

Spin-A-Fuck Pin

When you know someone or something needs to be cussed out, it’s not always easy to figure out exactly who or what it is that would make you feel best to unload a string of expletives at, so…

Leave it up to chance!

Wear this trusty spin-a-fuck pin and, just like a Magic 8 Ball with attitude, the answer of what to hate on is just a flick of the finger away!

This high quality enamel pin is a multi-colored wheel of options with an arrow spinner attached. The word “FUCK” is written on the arrow spinner, so when you flick and spin it the arrow will land on a word, helping you decide where to direct your hate. (For example, fuck this, fuck that, fuck off, fuck you, fuck me, etc.)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

You may now feel free to say “fuck Christmas” and get ready to say “fuck 2016” on New Year’s Eve!

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