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Tiny Marshall Amp

Tiny Marshall Amp

Not everyone’s living in a “teenager from a 80s movie” house situation.

We’ve got fully grown adults out here living in an entire residence that could fit in the bedroom of half the kids from 80s movies.

A 4×12 Marshall half-stack isn’t exactly a priority for space. Yeah, there are smaller guitar amps on the market but it’s really about the look of a Marshall half-stack, isn’t it?

Here’s the tiniest Marshall half stack guitar amplifier we’ve ever seen.

It runs on only 1 watt of power. You can get that from a 9 volt battery, which is what the amp takes. From the bottom of the speaker cabinet to the top of the amp head is only 5 inches!

Everyone planning to use it to play music from an aux out needs to pay attention to that input jack. Get a 1/4 inch adapter if you need one!

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