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Random Bullshit on VHS (and a DVD)

Random Bullshit on VHS (and a DVD)

Here’s the deal: drunkMall is working on some huge, top-secret, behind-the-scenes shit right now. As a result, we have not been keeping up with correspondence pertaining to scheduling giveaways. Giveaways are still happening and there are some really awesome things coming up soon.

This week, though, we’re just getting rid of some random bullshit we don’t want anymore. Since we’re a drunk shopping website, we’ve wanted to try this experiment for a while anyway. Namely, will people enter a giveaway even if the prize is ridiculous?

Like, maybe there are thousands of drunk people out there who would be stoked to own a Special Edition of Varsity Blues on VHS, which includes not only a special behind-the-scenes featurette but also “hit music videos” for “Run” by Collective Soul and “Nice Guys Finish Last” by Green Day!

And, come on, is there anyone who doesn’t love Baby Boom, starring Academy Award winner Diane Keaton as a dedicated businesswoman who inherits a fucking baby and moves out to the middle of nowhere to make applesauce or baby food or whatever, we don’t remember.

Here’s the full list of what’s up for grabs and, where we could find them, links to buy now (probably used) if you can’t leave it up to chance:

So, yeah, none of these movies are guaranteed to play properly, have legible (or any) packaging or anything like that. They’re used. They’re free to the winner. Hopefully there isn’t any homemade porn recorded over any of them. (But let us know if you win and get an unexpected surprise because that would be epic.)


This giveaway has ended. If you would like to see the current drunkMall giveaway, please visit the Giveaways page. To receive a weekly newsletter with each giveaway announcement and a “best of” recap of posts to the site, signup for drunkMail.

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