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Throwing Star Push Pins

Throwing Star Push Pins

Bringing ninja stars to the office is probably frowned upon in, like, most places of business.

It’s like lawyers and insurance companies have no appreciation for the skill and discipline it takes to be a ninja. Some people. You just can’t teach them anything about life.

Have no fear, drunkMall is here!

Take your regular pushpins and thumb tacks, throw them boring shits in the trash and pick up some of these pins that look like throwing stars, even though they so totally aren’t. When pushed into cork board, the effect is similar to a ninja star pinning notes to the board, just without the element of danger that would come from using razor sharp ninjitsu gear to tack notes up on the wall.

It’s theoretically possible that you could get these to pin by throwing them as you would a throwing star but that’s your decision to make.

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