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Mushroom Necklace Pendants

Mushroom Necklace Pendants

Celebrate the mysterious nature of the mycelium by wearing one of these brass-colored mushroom pendants.

Fungus is actually really interesting, if you’re a stoned hippie at a party and you’ve found someone who’s drunk enough to listen to you talk about it.

There was this guy, Terence McKenna, and he had a lot of pretty wild theories about mushrooms, psilocybin, in particular. Terence though that since fungal spores can survive in the vacuum that is outer space, it would be the simplest way for an alien intelligence to propagate itself across the universe.

Yes, there was a dude who thought that magic mushrooms are an alien life form and that people who eat them are being possessed by it. And most of the people who think that’s insane have probably never had the experience for themselves.

Whatever you believe, studies have shown that we tend to hang out with other people who share our beliefs. That’s awesome because these pendants come in orders of 12, so you’ll need some people who’d like one as a present.

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