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Pinata Clock

Pinata Clock

The clock for when you’d hit it anytime of day or night, 24/7!

How you know this clock is really about that life is that it doesn’t even have any numbers on it. Just a (honestly kinda weird looking) pinata horse and the phrase “I’d hit it!” underneath.

This is the kind of clock you get when you used to be like a geometry teacher or something with a poster of that “HANG IN THERE” cat on the wall of your classroom. But then the school got a new P.E. teacher and damn if he wasn’t the sexiest manimal you’d ever seen. It’s the same old tale, the birds and the bees, but scandal ensues…. You’re better off, really. Now you can be who you really are… A sexually awakened being with a “HANG IN THERE” cat poster brand of humor.

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