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EXCLUSIVE: Pokemon Fever Is Back!

Pokemon Fever Is Back!

Pokemon Go has basically restructured modern society in less than a month.

If you think that’s an exaggeration then you probably live on a mountain in Wyoming or something. Go literally anywhere with a lot of people and you will see Pokemon Go in action.

Local businesses are building entirely new marketing strategies based on a mobile video game. And if a brick-and-mortar location is lucky enough to be a gym? They should just go ahead and rename the place because that’s all it’s gonna be good for until this dies off, which could be never considering that Pokemon Go became the most played mobile game in American history within a week of being released!

And of course, Pokemon Fever is nothing new. It first hit in The ’90s and it never really went away. In fact, drunkMall has been on the Pokemon hype train from the start. Just check all our previous posts on Pokemon items.

But we’re on a whole new level now!

The new breakout of Pokemon Fever warrants a full post dedicated to things you’ll want to have for that next Pokemon Go Party.

#1 Pokemon Party Invitations

Pokemon Party Invitations

Solo missions are fine but Pokemon Go is way more fun (and more safe) when you travel in packs.  You can easily text some people or do a Facebook event but when was the last time you had a party invitation show up in your actual mailbox? It feels way more special and gets people even more excited for your hang!

These Pokemon party invitations feature both the beloved Pikachu and the dastardly Meowth because all teams are welcome at a Pokemon Go gathering!

#2 Faux Lace-Up Pikachu Knee Socks

Faux Lace-Up Pikachu Knee Socks

What to wear on the Pokemon hunt, though?

Look, nobody’s secretly playing Pokemon Go. Don’t even try to get away with it because everyone knows exactly what you’re doing. The dude behind the counter of Subway isn’t buying the whole “walk in, act like you’re looking at the menu and, oh wouldn’t you know it there’s a notification on my phone…” act. He knows, don’t even pretend.

Walk in wearing these faux-lace up Pikachu knee socks, get in line and buy a bag of chips or a drink or something, do your Pokemon Go business and it’s all good!

#3 Charizard Snapback Trucker Hat

Charizard Snapback Trucker Hat

It was a smart move to drop Pokemon Go in the middle of summer instead of winter. You’ve got to get everyone hooked on being outside to play the game while the weather’s nice so they’ll be totally addicted by the time it gets cold outside.

But also, holy Hell is it hot outside. Get a fire type Pokemon on your side with this Charizard trucker cap to shade your eyes from the Sun!

#4 Squirtle Crop Top

Squirtle Crop Top

So you love the game, you’re down to show it but you don’t necessarily want to dress like a full-on freak and make rednecks wonder if they’re standing next to a furry.

That’s cool, we got you.

This crop top is a relatively subtle close-up of the cutest Pokemon ever, Squirtle!

#5 “I Brake for Pokestops” Car Decal

"I Brake for Pokestops" Car Decal

It’s terribly unsafe to play video games while driving a car and you should never, ever do it.

But when you’re playing with a group of friends the driver can hand their phone off to the navigator or one of the other passengers for Pokemon Go duties while on the move.

It is common courtesy, however, to let the cars behind you know that important pokestops will be dictating your driving maneuvers.

#6 Pokeball Utility Belt

Pokeball Utility Belt

It’s all about the pokeballs, baby!

This belt is called the Clip ‘n Carry. It comes with a couple pokeballs and you can buy way more to clip onto the belt. The balls have Pokemon toys inside but you can leave those at home and fill the pokeballs with snacks or condoms or whatever else you think you’ll need.

#7 Pokeball Flask

Pokeball Flask

Some people don’t realize this but Pokemon Go isn’t actually for little kids. Children shouldn’t be out wandering around by themselves to play a video game.

And since this is an adult activity, adult beverages may very well be consumed.

Pack a flask!

#8 Pokeball Dress

Pokeball Dress

Maybe you’ve got a date lined up after a full day of Pokemon Go. Or maybe you want to dress a little nice in case there ends up being a random gym in a business that’s a little fancier than, like, a gas station?

In any case, here’s a cute and comfortable summer dress printed all over with pokeballs!

#9 Pokeball Soap w/ Toy Inside

Pokeball Soap w/ Toy Inside

We’re wrapping up the pokeball segment of this gift guide with a product to help you get clean after a long day of battles and Pokemon hunting – pokeball soap!

This is really good soap (check the reviews) and each one has a surprise pokemon toy hidden inside.

#10 Snorlax Sleeping Mask

Snorlax Sleeping Mask

Finally, it’s important for Pokemon trainers to get a good night’s rest.

Who better to help with that than Snorlax?

This sleep mask blocks out light and lets people know not wake up the sleeping Snorlax!

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