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Samurai-Style Pocket Knife

Samurai-Style Pocket Knife

Nothing says, “Ask me about my favorite Kurosawa film,” like walking around in full samurai armor with two swords and whatever the hell you call that shaved-top-of-head thing.

Unfortunately, doing that in America also says a few other things, like, “Please overreact to my presence and use your taser on me, mister caffeine-addled security guard.”

A more subtle approach is what’s needed.

This lovely pocket knife-sized bushido blade unfolds to resemble a small katana!

The blade length is right at two inches, so make sure that flies with your local laws. That little keyring hole is built right into the handle and the other side has a pocket clip if you’d rather carry it that way.

We have no idea what the Japanese characters on the blade say but has that ever stopped you from getting a knife (or a tattoo) before?

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