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Hologram Lamp

Hologram Lamp

This is just a cool, futuristic looking lamp that would fit in with any sort of “clean” aesthetic of a home or office space or anything like that.

They have all sorts of designs. You can get ones featuring imagery from your favorite movies, video games, animal species, nature… All kinds of stuff.

We chose to feature one that looks like an alien or stylized human figure in a lotus position, as if it’s meditating on the fact that we live in the year 2017 and magical light fixtures such as this are somehow not the standard.

It’s bullshit that all lighting everywhere isn’t this cool. This is supposed to be the future!

And it’s even worse than you thought because this lamp isn’t a true hologram. It has some properties of a hologram but the meditating figure is not created solely from light in timespace. There’s a flat physical segment that provides an optical illusion of a hologram effect.

Still cool but can somebody please get us real holograms like now?

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