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His and Hers Key Holders

His and Hers Key Holders

Never grab the wrong pair of keys on your way out the door again!

These little plates are quite easy to install near the front door. After you unlock the front door, it’s simply a matter of removing the key and inserting it into another “lock” on the wall.

Some of you may feel compelled to raise a stink about the binary gender issue you see on display here. Look again, friends. “His” key holder clearly has an innie where most people wouldn’t expect one. And as for “Hers,” well, that sure looks like an extremely ornamented outtie when the keys are in place, doesn’t it?

Calm down and drink your beer.

If anyone’s looking for a good wedding gift, look no further. It’s funny, original and practical enough that nobody will think you’re a jerk for not getting them a blender or something.

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