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Saddle Shoes

Saddle Shoes

Strap some retro style onto your feet with a pair of cute saddle shoe heels.

This style is back with vintage looks to kill thanks to shows like Westworld and the massively popular Twin Peaks‘ return to television, as if you need validation from contemporary pop culture to wear cool shoes. The maryjane straps feature goldtone buckles and the wingtips borrow from a traditional design of menswear for this feminine take on office footwear.

Great for achieving that old-timey school teacher or sexy librarian look for photoshoots and everyday streetwear. These shoes are available in burgundy and ivory (pictured here) or black and ivory. (The body of the shoe is the same ivory color on both with the color change being on the heel and toe.)

Remember, if you’re gonna break hearts, break ’em good!

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