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Putting Billiards Game

Putting Billiards Game

Can’t decide whether to practice your short game or your stick game?

Now you don’t have to decide because you can do both at once!

Play pool while golf! Putt like you’re running a pool table!

Okay, chill on the exclamation marks for a second.

The golf billiards putting game is a cross between putt-putt golf and poolhall billiards. You can play any standard version of pool – 8 ball, 9 ball, teams, cutthroat, etc – on a much smaller level.

With the added element of a cue ball, you’ll be forced to think about putting in a way you may never have before. In order to run the table, you’ll also have to develop a higher level of control to leave yourself good shots. You’ll be gaining new insights to your putting game while having fun!

The set comes with the full set of golf balls decorated as a set of pool balls, a rack and six regulation-sized cup holes to set up as pool table pockets.

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