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Rodney Dangerfield Poster

Rodney Dangerfield Poster

Give the gift of respect this holiday season!

Rodney Dangerfield isn’t a dude you see on a lot of fan swag these days.

Not a lot tee shirts and stuff with his mug on ’em.

Maybe that’s because he was never much of a stud.

Maybe that’s because his popularity came and went before the wonders of bootlegging merchandise we have in the modern age.

Or maybe it’s because he just never got any respect! (That’s gotta be the last time we make that reference in this post. It has to be.)

But we’re making up for all of that right now with this post. It’s a poster of Mr. Dangerfield, hand-drawn with a Sharpie pen! How’s that for real art?

When you see someone take the time to create something like this.

Well, you’ve really got to give this artist some respect.

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