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Handmade Slingshot

Handmade Slingshot

There isn’t a single ex-kid reading this who had any incarnation of Dennis the Menace in their life and didn’t want, have or try to make a slingshot at some point.

Hopefully you got to have one for at least a while (and hopefully everything went okay with that)…

But this is the slingshot you never had growing up – the best handmade slingshot made of classic materials.

They start with a strong forked tree branch (as one should), make it look all nice and wrap up a handle of hemp twine before fitting the top with latex tubing that even has imitation sinew in it. The leather projectile pouch helps you grip whatever you’re shooting as you pull it back to take aim and let fly!

Height varies (since they’re all handmade) but it’ll be at least 7 inches tall and no taller than 10 inches with a 3 to 6 inch width in the Y.

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