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Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi

People always make a big deal about how much your sense of smell impacts the way food tastes, right?

But what about the other senses?

Like, the way food looks is pretty important, you know. Presentation, they call it. And it’s probably about half of what you’re paying for at any fancy restaurant. (Heaven knows it isn’t the portion…)

That’s why they call sushi an art form. Plenty of people hear “sushi” and they think “raw fish” and it sounds gross to them, so they make a joke and never consider trying it for themselves. But the first thing people who do try it learn is that it’s super fun to get a plate of sushi set down in front of you!

Nothing else looks like that and the obvious care makes you curious as to what eating it will be like.

Maybe that’s the reason the Japanese are obsessed with making everything else look like sushi, such as these candies!

Don’t worry – they aren’t flavored like fish. That would be a little weird. Check out the photo to see what each piece tastes like but it’s got some awesome flavors!

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