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Tiered Betta Aquariums

Tiered Betta Aquariums

Keep several Betta fish in this stylish aquarium!

That’s right, the type of fish famously referred to as the “Siamese fighting fish” because it’s so freaking territorial that placing two males in the same fish tank is almost guaranteed to result in one or both of those fish dying from injuries suffered in battle.

So why are we talking about keeping three Bettas in the same fish tank?

Separate sections, y’all!

The descending levels of this aquarium are isolated tanks, only connected by the cascading “waterfalls” flowing from upper to lower levels along the curve of the entire unit!

So you see, you can safely keep several of these glorious fighting fish in the same location without shelling out cash for separate living quarters and all the extra pumps and filters you’d need to keep each unit clean!

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