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Reindeer Mankini

Reindeer Mankini

Hey, fellas…

Any of you out here trying to freeze your ass (and damn near everything else off) this Christmas season?

Say no more.

Let Rudolph deliver that last gift in this stylish mankini!

The mankini is what the speedo-into-suspenders piece of clothing popularized by Borat is called, if ya didn’t know. This one happens to have an adorable red-nosed reindeer printed over the “fruit pouch” portion of the garment and some antlers go up the beginnings of the shoulder straps.

At this point, it should be pretty apparent that no other mankini deserves to be the reason you get hypothermia from drinking too much spiked egg nog and deciding this is the year you finally go on a solo caroling mission through the neighborhood wearing as little clothing as possible while still staying off the registered sex offender list.

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