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Stackable Fish Condos

Stackable Fish Condos

Fish are the oh-fish-ial pet of cleanly people who don’t want all the hair, shit and chaos of owning a cat or a dog.

Cats and dogs are amazing but they aren’t for everyone or every living situation.

Fish, on the other hand, have got to be the most versatile pet on the planet, right?

Put some water in a thing, put the fish in the thing with the water, do some stuff to keep the water clean, put food in there once a day – boom, you got a pet. Worried that it’s lonely in there all by itself, get another fish – boom, you got two pets!

Now even if you don’t have a lot of room, you can still keep a fish in a pretty stylish living area with these condo-style aquariums, which are actually stackable!

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