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Penis Gym

Penis Gym

Time to get ya dick strong!

All these dudes spending hours up in a gym, making the arms big, making the legs big, getting the abs ripped… But what about the love muscle?

Can’t forget about the love muscle!

Strengthening the pelvic floor has a lot of health benefits and people have been doing it for a long, long time. See pretty much any book on kundalini yoga, pranayama breathing or tantra, for example. In Western society, we call them kegel exercises and it’s mostly viewed as a thing for women to do. But it goes both way, y’all!

This kit comes with everything a man needs to level up his johnson. Place the weighted wearable on your unit and follow along to exercise routines designed to enhance both strength and control of the pelvic floor muscles.

Do you even lift your dick, bro?

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