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Face Vase

Face Vase

Honestly, the only reason we’re posting this is to fuck with everyone who pronounces the word “vase” like the word “Oz” with a v at the beginning.

Oh, is that the “proper” way to say it?

Oh, you learned that when you spent a summer vacation in England in the mid 19th century when some stuck up asshole literally decided to change the pronunciation of the word for no reason?

Shove it.

This is a vase and it’s got a face on it.

We call it a face vase.

As long as you pronounce “vase” like a rational human being, you’ll have no problem with it. But if you’re a pretentious twat who says it “vawz” then your inner sane person who wants to say “vase” will trip you up every time you say “face” right before it.

Deal with it.

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