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Slimer Shirt

Slimer Shirt

All the BS aside, everyone can agree that Slimer is one disgusting but lovable ghost blob. He’s smelly and rude but damned if he doesn’t know how to have a good time!

Giving the Ghostbusters one of their first jobs in the original movie, Slimer was technically supposed to be a “bad guy” but his antics were such a crowdpleaser that he gradually took on a more sympathetic role through the second movie and all of the animated series.

Dan Aykroyd has often referred to Slimer in interviews as the ghost of John Belushi. So you can see why drunkMall has such an appreciation for this plasmatic party animal. The festivities are always on a supernatural level when Slimer is in attendance!

Check out the link below to see if they have this shirt in your favorite color because there are many options available.

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