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Chewable Coffee Cubes

Chewable Coffee Cubes

Have your coffee in the form of a small snack!

Chewable coffee cubes deliver your morning caffeine (as well as theanine and other supplements) in tidy little gummy cubes. Each cube contains about a half a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine. Each pack of Go Cubes has four cubes in it and each box comes with 20 individual packs.

So, basically, if you have a box of these at home then you can grab two cups of coffee and carry them in your pocket wherever you’re going, without having to do any bean grinding or brewing at all!

Hell, if you’ve been visiting a coffeeshop on your way to work in the morning then you can just cancel that and get an extra 30 minutes of sleep every day!

Each pack of cubes comes in assorted flavors. The three flavors are mocha, latte and pure drip.

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