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LED Lighting Strips

LED Lighting Strips

How cool does this lighting look?

You may be amazed at how easy it is to install a setup like this in your own home. Pick any room with a decent amount of furniture (like a TV room) and all that’s left is to discreetly attach these LEDs out of sight behind the pieces.

The LEDs come in a rope that can be trimmed to the desired length, using nothing more than the tools included in the kit. As for installation, the strips are coated with a self-adhesive on one side. Remove the cover and press it to a clean surface.

LED lifespan is over 50k hours, by the way. You won’t need to replace these anytime soon.

Stop buying lightbulbs! Step into the future… Our rec rooms are more awesome here…

(Available in Blue, Red, Green and White.)

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