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Tenacious D Cum Towel

Tenacious D Cum Towel

Possibly the greatest piece of music merchandise ever made and we should expect nothing less from Tenacious D, the self-proclaimed best rock band in the world.

Featuring a cute pastel colored cartoon of such magical things as butterflies, a rainbow, a unicorn and a smiling flower – this, good buddies, is a cum rag…

That’s right.

Time to throw that crusty old gym sock in the dirty laundry hamper and let it get back to the work it’s supposed to be doing on your foot instead of, well, you know what you do.

The Official Tenacious D Cum Rag is theĀ only cum rag that deserves to come anywhere near your precious loads. It’s so cute, you might even be able to find someone to help you make the kind of mess it was designed to clean!

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