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Sloth Infuser and Mug Set

Sloth Infuser & Mug Set

Take it nice and slow with a relaxing cup of tea, brought to you by the spirit animal of every slacker, the sloth!

Sloths are so chill.

All they wanna do is be left alone, eat some snacks at a majorly leisurely pace and be left alone. (Yeah, leave ’em alone twice.)

If you relate to this admirable creature and enjoy yourself a nice cup of tea, you should get a kick out of this tea infuser. Made of heat-resistant and food safe silicone, you fill the sloth with loose leaf tea and then hang him on the rim of the included mug (!) to steep until ready.

If you enjoy herbal tea (cuz caffeine makes you wanna get up and, like, do stuff) then you can even leave the sloth on the cup to hang out with you while you have the tea!

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