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Bacon and Potato Chips Chocolate Bar

Bacon and Potato Chips Chocolate Bar

A chocolate bar with bits of bacon and potato chips inside it?

If it sounds weird… Well, it kind of is weird but you shouldn’t let that stop you because sometimes weird food is really good!

And it really isn’t even that weird if you think about it in terms of the flavor combinations. You’ve probably eaten way crazier things. (We’re looking at you, ketchup in the macaroni & cheese people.)

Bacon and potato chips is the same as having potato chips with a BLT or like hashbrowns with a bacon-loaded breakfast. Hell, many of you have even thrown potato chips directly inside a BB! sandwich before. So, calm down.

As for adding chocolate to the mix, well, it’s really just salty and sweet. Do you like kettle corn? That’s salty and sweet. Salted caramel? You got it.

Give it a chance!

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