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Bane’s Fur-Lined Leather Coat

Bane's Fur-Lined Leather Coat

Villains always get the cool clothes.

Honestly, this coat is so badass you could probably get away with acting like you had no clue that it’s modeled after Tom Hardy’s Bane costume.

With the synthetic leather exterior and shearling lining, it’s got a rugged look but in that GQ, “did you spend three grand on that?” kinda way. Maybe it’s the massive collar that makes it seem expensive.

But, considering what one could expect to pay for something like this made by an upscale designer, this thing is crazy cheap. The price varies according to size but at the time of this writing even the most expensive option is under 200 bucks. So, yeah, you could definitely expect to pay double or triple that for a similar John Varvatos item that may or may not even make you look as rough and tough and ready to rumble as this one.

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