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Gang Cap

Gang Cap

Gang gang!

“Dad caps” have made a comeback along with everything else “dad” and “daddy” that’s insanely popular right now. Fanny packs, acid washed jeans, polyester jogging suits and all that good stuff is back on the racks and stocking the closets of today’s young influencers and trendsetters.

These Gang Caps have that classic look that anyone who ever saw a dad wearing a hat will immediately recognize. The font and color of the lettering may remind you of a massively successful tech company but look again because those letters spell a currently popular slang term!

If you have no idea what anything in this post is talking about, don’t sweat it. You don’t actually need to know what this shit means. By the time you figure it out then there’ll be a new word that you have to learn anyway. Just get the hat and wear it for a couple years. It’s what everyone else does.

[There’s always more dankness to be found in drunkMall’s Magical Meme Marketplace!]

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