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Snail Goop Face Mask

Snail Goop Face Mask

We will put anything on our faces in the name of beauty.

Right away you know some jerk is probably sitting there trying to think of something they can say in the comments that people wouldn’t put on their face.

Listen very carefully…

Any substance you can think of, there’s a person who would put it on their face if they¬†thought it would make their skin look better. If you doubt that, congratulations on having a complexion that’s never caused you to literally cry your stupid face off while hiding in your house so nobody will see you.

For the rest of us, there’s always snail jelly!

You don’t even have to ask what snail jelly is. On some level, you already know and on another level you already know you’re going to try it, so why bother finding out more about it?

Snail jelly masks. Get into it.

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