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Tootsie Roll Pop Dresses

Tootsie Roll Pop Dresses

If we get through this post without making an oral sex joke then it will be a miracle. And, honestly, we’d probably be doing a favor to every person thinking about buying a Tootsie Pop dress by making this entire post nothing but a list of every bad joke you’re gonna hear while wearing the dress.

But here’s the thing about that and here’s the reason why these dresses are perfect for at least one type of person out there. The people who make awful jokes like that are the same people who tip well at the bar. Probably because they make enough money that they never get told how stupid they are as a person.

Whatever the reason, that’s why we’d like to recommend these Tootsie Pop dresses to bartenders who work in biker bars and honky tonks and strip clubs and spring break hot spots and whatever other places attract douchebags with a lot of money.

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