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Pepperoni Pizza Nipple Pasties

Pepperoni Pizza Pasties

Did that picture get your attention?

You’re damn right it did. There’s just something about pizza – everybody seems to like it!

The fine people over at Pastease love pizza so much, they decided to make pepperoni pizza pasties! Now, maybe you think you’ve seen a nipple or two or five hundred that kinda looked like a pepperoni before. That may be. But plain ol’ pepperoni nips don’t have a thing on these pasties – they’re the whole slice, crust, cheese and all!

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You’ve probably seen this on drunkMall already. We posted them back in January and everybody liked them so much we had to add them to our Pizza Party Swag List, too! Pastease was like, “WTF drunkMall loves us?! We love drunkMall!” and they asked if we wanted to give away some slices of swag in the form of tittie toppings. Duh, of course we do!


Pepperoni Pizza Nipple Pasties

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