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LED Shot Cups

LED Shot Glasses

It’s lit, it’s lit!!!!

Next time the party’s ready to throw down some shots, make sure it’s super lit with some LED shots! Standard 2oz. capacity, made of hard durable plastic and loaded with an LED unit in the base of the cup for a wild strobing effect!

Is that flashy or what?!

The battery for the LED is actually replaceable, so if you want to clean these by hand and keep them around then you can totally do that. However, at 24 shot cups an order, the price comes out to around $1 a cup. So that’s a perfectly reasonable price to pay for one-time use at a special event or something.

No can someone please explain how the word “lit” went from meaning, you know, “watch out, the fuse on that dynamite is lit” to “I am presently intoxicated on the effects of both alcohol and marijuana” to “oh that’s cool” to basically an adjective that’s used to describe anything and everything?

It’s maddening…

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