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Octopus Ring

Octopus Ring

Careful of this ring.

Once it gets a good grip on your finger, it might not ever let go!

Okay, okay. It’s not a real octopus and you’re in no danger of losing a finger to it. But it is such a great ring that you may find yourself wanting to wear it every single day.

Since all you can see are tentacles, you could even say it’s a Cthulhu ring, if you wanted. Who’s gonna say otherwise?

This ring is made from stainless steel. The tentacles aren’t attached at the top of the ring, so its size is adjustable. Just lightly squeeze the arms open or closed to get your desired fit for the finger that’s wearing the ring.

Octopuses are fantastic creatures. Both men and women who wear jewelry and have an appreciation for bizarre animals will appreciate this piece.

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