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Hoodie Pillowcase

Hoodie Season is everyone’s favorite because there’s simply something comforting about having a cloth hood pulled up over your head.

But you can’t wear your hoodie to bed!

Or, you can, but don’t complain when you wake up with you and your hoodie both drenched in sweat, which obviously means you can’t wear that hoodie until it gets washed unless you nasty.

The hoodie pillowcase has you sorted out, though.

With an actual hood (complete with drawstrings) on one side of the pillow, you can enjoy the comfort of a hoodie over your head while dressed in what you normally would (or wouldn’t) wear to bed.

But wait, there’s more!

There’s a little pocket in the pillowcase for a phone or mp3 player, as well as openings to run headphone cable through the pillow to keep you from getting tangled up in cords while you sleep/relax and listen to audio!

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