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Fractal Puzzle

Fractal Puzzle

Look no further for your next puzzle challenge!

5,000 pieces? 50,000 pieces?

Nah. Try 23 pieces. That’s all this board needs to drive you crazy.

The laser-cut pieces are very non-traditional. There’s also not an image in the finished puzzle that you can use as a guide for where a piece should go. In fact, you may very well spend half an hour or more just trying to figure out if two pieces even go together because of how many ways they could (theoretically) be connected.

You might think the puzzle could be completed several different ways because it’s called a fractal puzzle but there is only one solution!

They just keep coming up with ways to make puzzles harder, don’t they?

It’s a good thing. We’re into it.

Anyone who wants to play with the same kind of puzzles they’ve been making for centuries, hey, they still make those. Some attention spans aren’t built for easy wins and that’s who needs this puzzle.

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