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Chainmail Skillet Scrubber

Chainmail Skillet Scrubber

What is clean may never rust!

Now that winter is here, we’re prepared for anything at any turn – checking around corners for our enemies, watching out for double-crosses from “close friends” and of course just waiting for a spot of oxidation to try creeping into our favorite cookware!

You don’t have to take the Black to learn how to clean a cast-iron skillet like a medieval warrior. This isn’t Westeros. We have the Internet.

Thanks to the wonders of Amazon, you can order your very own chainmail skillet scrubber and clean your pan like a proper knight!

An 8 by 6 inch piece of chainmail allows scrubbing of well-seasoned cast iron, unlike what a steel wool pad would do to all of the effort you’ve put into creating your own special skillet.

All men must eat!

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