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Wires for Wireless Earphones

Wires for Wireless Earphones

This move is sheer genius.

Take any product you can think of and remove a part of it that nobody asked you to remove. Then sell that part of it back to them separately at additional cost.

For everyone who took one look at the new wireless AirBuds and thought about how fast you’d lose those things, here’s your wires back! They don’t carry sound. The functionality of your wireless earphones is neither enhanced nor diminished by this wires. They’re essentially nothing more than a tether for your expensive new earbuds that didn’t come with a tether.

Silicone grips the stems of the earbuds to a stretchy cord so you can use and not lose!

Is this Apple’s product?

Doesn’t seem to be.

Is Apple likely to start making these soon, now that third-party companies are profiting from it?

You tell us.