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Retro Sriracha Trucker Hat

Retro Sriracha Trucker Hat

Now this is some #branding worth #engaging with – right, #millennials?

Huy Fong Foods (the people who make, by far, the most popular sriracha sauce in America) was founded in 1980, so it’s possible that they actually made retro trucker hats like these before they were retro.

But who cares?

This hat is dope, son!

Nailing that classic mesh snapback look, this piece of swag comes off the line looking like it’s been hanging in your grandad’s closet for the last 30 years. The white under the logo in front already looks a little discolored, so you know this hat will age amazingly to achieve a real, vintage appearance over the time you wear it.

Don’t forget to turn that cap backwards before throwing your face into a hot bowl of pho – the bill traps steam and you’re already gonna be sweating from the capsaicin, bud!

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