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Pink Flamingo Beer Bong

Pink Flamingo Beer Bong

Do people who live in trailer parks still put fake pink flamingos in their tiny little yards? When was the last time anyone even saw a trailer park?

Anyway, if you don’t know, that’s a thing people used to do and may or may not still do, the putting of the fake flamingos in the trailer park thing.


Dude… We don’t know? Probably marketing. Some Barnum & Bailey Brothers, Pet Rock, wantrepreneur was all like, “Psh, I can totally make people think this is a thing that they should be doing.” and then, whoops, he was right. Not every idea is as pure and selfless as a website to help people buy things while they’re drunk….

So, about this flamingo beer bong. What’s to know? Ever done a beer bong? You most likely have if you’re still reading this post, so here’s how it works with the bird: you turn it upside down, pour beer into it, then tip it up to chug the beer out of the bird’s mouth.


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