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Floating Beer Pong Cooler

Floating Beer Pong Cooler

Oh hell yeah!

If there’s one thing we love at drunkMall, it’s gotta be when someone comes out with a product that solves several potential party problems in one item.

Here we have a pool float that doubles as a beer pong table for the pool. Nothing really groundbreaking there. We’ve had these for at least five years.

But what’s that in the middle?!

That’s a cooler, baby!

Keep a 12 pack iced down right in the middle of the beer pong playing field. It’s got a lid to keep the sun from melting the ice quickly. (Also, obviously, this isn’t going to work in a heated pool. But if you’re hanging out in heated pools then you should be able to figure out a different way to keep your drinks cold, Richie Rich.)

This is what they call a game changer!

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