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Dancing Hot Dog Onesie

Dancing Hot Dog Onesie

It’s the dancing hot dog that’s captured the hearts of… Well pretty much only those of us on Snapchat but that’s all the cool ones.

This little dude popped up in that great time suck of an app last month or so and we’re super addicted to him. He’s a hot dog! He break dances! You can put him into videos of your house or out at the mall or wherever you go! That’s amazing!

Now you can dress up as the Snapchat Hot Dog in style with this zip-up onesie!

Actually it’s kind of a onesie crossed with one of those new hoodies that zip all the way over your whole head. Is there a word for those yet? Whatever.

Anyway, when you really wanna get your hot dog smiley face on just zip it all the way up!

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