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Bad Fortune Cookies

Bad Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies have always kind of been some bullshit…

Like,¬†obviously, fortune-telling isn’t “real” anyway.

But if they really want to sell the illusion then they should at least not have every single fortune be some vaguely positive, complimentary or hopeful saying.

What, everybody’s fortune is looking good?

At least when you go to a psychic they might tell you some scary shit is headed your way to try and get some more money out of you.

At least horoscopes will sometimes be like, “Listen, stay home. Don’t leave your house. Everyone’s gonna be a piece of shit to you today.” That helps people believe it more when they get a good one, you know?

Anyway, that’s probably not exactly why these bad fortune cookies exist now. They were made by the people who make Cards Against Humanity, so they honestly probably just wanted to do some mean shit.

But the important part is that they do exist now!

Also, the website is really fun. When you click the fortune cookie it pops up an example of the type of fortunes contained within – go check it out!

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