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Selfie Light Phone Attachment

Selfie Light Phone Attachment

Put your best face forward in every selfie by giving yourself focused lighting on the go!

Like a miniature version of much larger (and much more expensive) light rings used in professional photography, this small unit clips over the top of a smartphone to provide lighting right where you need it most for “front cam” photos a.k.a. selfies.

This is not just additional light like what comes from the (probably awful) flash included on your phone. It’s no harsh fluorescent lighting, either.

Each ring has 36 individual L.E.D. for soft lighting that is able to be set at three different levels of brightness.

Don’t take a lot of selfies but you could still use a portable lighting unit for photos taken using the rear-facing (and better quality) camera of your device?

Simply flip the unit around so the light is facing out from the back of your phone!

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