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Ramen Notes

Ramen Notes

Wow, it’s like everything you really need in life comes in orange boxes with the word “RAMEN” written somewhere on them…

Everybody’s reached in a cabinet for a package like this full of noodle bricks. It’s a pretty necessary aspect of growing up in the ’90s for some of you and something the rest of you are probably still doing.

Ramen Notes are here to capitalize on the way you already feel about cheap ramen, while offering you a fun way to jot down memos when you need. Keep a pack at the office or at home for 155 sheets of sticky notes on paper that’s made to look like the brick of dry noodles you’d expect.

Whether you put it near the phone or leave it in the kitchen for keeping track of new recipes for upgrading instant ramen, you’ll have a top solution for offloading some clutter from your mind!

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